18 June 2012


For months we have been waiting for the moment that we could make it official.
We are one of only a few UK boutiques stocking Spell & The Gypsy Collective and we seriously couldn't be more excited.
The label is based in Byron Bay Australia, and after visiting a few years back on a gap year I can fully appreciate the bohemian lifestyle that goes hand in hand with their designs. If you ever visit Oz, Byron Bay is somewhere where you'll want to spend most of your time. The town is picturesque; a laid-back beachcombers paradise and Spell Designs captures the essence perfectly.
Available from today on our website, you can view some of the pieces below...

All available to purchase now at http://www.theprettyjunk.co.uk/artist/spell-designs

Photos: www.spelldesigns.com

13 June 2012

PJ DENIM: Launches today.

Our PJ Denim Collection is finally here! Launching at noon today, we are crazy excited to kick start your festival wardrobe!
We don't know about you, but we don't follow trends. We wear what makes us happy, confident and free. The Pretty Junk is about wearing what you love, not what you're told. 
PJ Denim not only encapsulates the essence of the "FESTIVAL" but also the freedom we all want to experience through expression in our style.
Whether it be raving in a field until dawn, doing cartwheels on the beach or teaming with hi-tops in the city, these shorts will rock the occasion.
We would love to know what you think! Comment or email us info@theprettyjunk.com.

11 June 2012

MAY DONE....and a tad of JUNE.

Summer is here and our new Festival Collection is just around the corner. Featuring our own PJ Denim, Burger & Friends and the beautiful Spell & The Gypsy Collective.
After being open for a grand old 10 months (double figures yipee!) things seem to be taking off, and you guys are showing us love.
If you want a shout-out on FB, Twitter or Instagram tag us in your post with a little hash-tag #theprettyjunk and we'll be sure to get it. We love to see you guys dressed up in your Pretty Junk threads, and we want to share you're style with everyone!

Much Love,

PJ DENIM Teaser....