27 February 2013


After months of work we can finally announce that the new website is officially LIVE.

Not only have we improved the customer navigation and usability, but we have also dropped a TON of new arrivals, including new Spell & The Gypsy Collective and The Pretty Junk Collection with new Lazy Oaf hitting this weekend!
We'd love to know what you think! Comment and let us know.....

Much Love,

18 February 2013

New Spring '13 Lazy Oaf LOVE

I've been an avid fan and stockist of Lazy Oaf since our opening in 2011. To be completely honest, they hold a special place in my heart being our first brand I got on board at The Pretty Junk, and the people who run it are as cool as their clothing would suggest.

Lazy Oaf have just released their Spring '13 Lookbook and a selection of the season will be available at the new look www.theprettyjunk.com at the end of this month!

Images courtesy of Lazy Oaf

12 February 2013

BTS: Pretty Junk SS13 Shoot

I had a ridiculously stressful weekend, filled with sewing, steaming and folding, getting everything prepared for the shoot featuring Pretty Junk's new in-house label of tees, vests and hoodies.
Pizza and Channing Tatum as Magic Mike helped me through and everything was finally packed up and ready to go!

The team was brilliant and completely new to The Pretty Junk:

Modelling for The Pretty Junk this time round was a good mix of old and new faces. My constant model and mate Hazel Whittle was joined by Ali Lomas, original face from TPJ Promos and super cute newbie Natasha Morris. 

I decided to fully embrace the American Street Style theme by bringing a bunch of American candy and soda to the shoot - any of you who assume models don't eat and live solely on dust and diet coke are completely mistaken - the lot vanished within a few hours! 

The new range will be available exclusively at The Pretty Junk from the end of the month.

The SECOND I arrive at the studio the models are devouring Hersheys! 


The beautiful Ali Lomas, from our original adverts in 2011 is BACK!
Ali wears "Miss Universe" Baseball Tee £28

Ali wears "Pretty Junk" Hooded Sweatshirt £40
Hazel wears "Heart of Roses" Crop Tee £25
Natasha wears "You Love Me Not" Vest £23

All available at the end of February at www.theprettyjunk.com

 Ali wears "Faithful Flowers" Vest £23
Hazel wears "Love Me or Leave"Oversized Tee £28
Natasha wears "Make Me a Mixtape" Crop Tee £23
                                   All available at the end of February at www.theprettyjunk.com

Natasha wears "Dollar" Oversized Tee £28

 Ali wears "Miss Universe" Baseball Tee £28
Hazel wears "Why So Serious?"Vest £23
Natasha wears "Dollar" Oversized Tee £28
                                   All available at the end of February at www.theprettyjunk.com

The gorgeous girls modelling for The Pretty Junk this month.... 

There are tons of new labels coming to a super shiny new website at the end of the month which we are uber excited about including new Lazy Oaf, Spell Designs and Bandit Brand.

 I'd love to hear your feedback once the site goes live, but in the meantime sit tight and be patient - not long now!



07 February 2013

What Diet?

Pretty much everyone I know is on their annual "Get ripped for Summer" diet, so I'm trying my best to run regularly (ish), eat dust and be a detoxing Buddha, but secretly I'm dreaming about sweet, sugary, endorphin- high treats.
I thought I'd share the dream with you... Food porn to feast your eyes upon when no ones looking. 
Window shopping is not cheating!

05 February 2013

You wanna be a Bandit?

Another new label coming at The Pretty Junk this Spring: Bandit Brand.

If you love the style of old Americana or always fancied yourself as a passenger on the back of a Hell's Angel motorcycle (a la Lana Del Ray) you will love the printed tees and vests from Jen and the gang at Bandit Brand.

Below is a shoot for the brand by Michael Schmidt, "Don't need no diamond, don't need no gold". 

Bandit Brand will be available online at The Pretty Junk early Spring. 
All images courtesy of Bandit Brand ©

04 February 2013

Put a spell on you...

Spell & The Gypsy Collective were a huge hit with all of you last year, so they are back this year with a new collection that's better than ever. The collection features beautifully cut play-suits and kimonos in rich native prints that will ensure you're the belle of the festival ball this Summer.
It will be available from mid-February alongside the new website launch.
Images courtesy of Spell Designs ©