07 March 2012


As well as looking at shoot days as a necessity for new stock, we tend to end up gossiping and eating cake for most of the day. (At least it isn't liquor and boys....)
The most recent shoot was no different, with it being our lovely photographer's birthday. Cups of tea were continuously topped up and the cake was demolished...

Shooting Lazy Oaf stock was the name of the game, with "Ohhhhs" and "Aaahs" reverberating around the apartment...
Our FAVE has to be the skeleton tee.... SUPER CUTENESS.

After managing to spray paint myself gold like an extra in James Bond (hand- eye coordination FAIL) I finally managed to get some of it on a cheap frame, which was used for the lookbook shots.... sneaky peek below....

Lazy Oaf will be here this week, and we are superrrr excited to tell you that more brands and our very own "Modern" and "Re-worked" ranges will be available from April.

Stuff dreams are made of obvs!

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