30 April 2012

April DONE.

Things are CRAZY at the moment. But hella GOOD CRAZY.

I'm currently in the middle of renovating a house that will be TPJ's new home, hang-out and HQ. Having watched an episode of DIY SOS I felt completely confident and decided labouring looked child's play.....not so much.
Nails broken, paint in the dip-dye 'do and blisters on the mitts make for a tired Pretty Junker, but if I still collected Brownie Badges I'd be top of the class by now.

Adding wallpaper stripping and wall demolishing to my resume, I've been trying to crack on with the new designer onslaught that will be hitting the website this year.
Too excited to keep schtum, but not wanting to tempt fate, all I can say is BIG things are coming. Beautiful things that will become treasures in your wardrobe. So put those pennies in the piggy bank girls (I know I will be).
Our PJ sister and model extraordinaire Hazel has been in exotic climbs for the past couple of weeks; sunning herself in Thailand and we'll be sharing a few of her holiday snapshots soon.....

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