16 May 2012

May So far...

Weather in the UK is a nightmare at the moment; our kimonos and gladiator sandals have stalled leaving the depths of our wardrobes, and faux fur is still the rage. Sad to think we are so close to June and the sun isn't on our side.

Soooo GOOD NEWS! We featured in ASOS Magazine June Edition this month in the "Come Together" Shoot. We may have only been able to sneak in our vintage versace jeans, but we were gleaming for days after being sent a copy from ASOS.com HQ.

LESS Clothing has hit the E-Shop and BNTM winner Jade has already purchased her BASIC BLUE LTD Crop Top....

We're also squeaking with joy at the prospect of the Spell Designs "Night of Hunters" Boots Drop in June, won't be long until they are on the website!

Have an awesome May, and we hope the sun shines for you soon!

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