28 May 2013

TPJ TAKEOVER // Maybe It's Megan Leigh

We're letting our super talented fans takeover our blog over the next few months and we couldn't be more stoked to introduce them to you.

First of our guest bloggers is 23 year old Megan Leigh of www.maybeitsmeganleigh.blogspot.co.uk from South East London. 
Megan is a beauty therapist and make-up artist who for the past three years has been pretty unwell with a chronic illness called P.O.T.S. Taking time out from work has given Megan time to talk about her love of fashion and beauty on her own blog. We love Megan's style and her awesome nail art skills so we're super excited to share her nail tutorial inspired by our super cute neon baseball t-shirts! Remember to visit her blog for other cool D.I.Ys.


Hey guys, today I am going to show you a step by step nail art tutorial. this is inspired by my two fave baseball Tee's from theprettyjunk.com the Lets ride home girl' & 'miss universe'. The Tees are both bright, cute, girlie & quirky just like this nail art design.

Each nail is painted to look like they're covered in hundreds & thousands sprinkles, using bright pastel coloured polishes. With an accent nail of an ice cream cone filled with fruity ice-cream & topped with even more sprinkles. Sound good to you? Then follow my step by step tutorial!

1. Apply a base coat. Followed by two coats of a lilac colour polish to each nail apart from the ring finger, which you paint a ice-cream cone colour.

2. Next we are going to paint on the sprinkles, using a small headed dotting tool. Dip into coloured polish. Press the dotting tool against the nail & gently drag the dotting tool against the nail to create a sprinkle.
3. Now to paint the ring finger. Dip the long haired nail art brush into a dark brown polish. Drag along the nail making three lines in one direction, then repeat crossing the lines across the already painted on lines, to create a ice cream cone effect.

4. Still on the ring finger. Use a large headed dotting tool, dip into the lilac coloured varnish. Make three large dots half way down the nail, then slightly lifting the tool off the nail dragging upwards to the end of the nail bed. Join the lines together using the dotting tools.
5. When polish is dry, repeat step 2 on the ice cream on the ring finger
6. Apply a top coat & cuticle oil if desired.  

Polishes used – Barry M – Lychee, Mushroom, Bright Pink, Mint green, 
Turquoise & China Glaze - Electric Pineapple.

I hope you like this easy D.I.Y nail tutorial :) 
Maybe Its Megan Leigh


  1. Ahhhhh I love this Megan, you clever thing! :) xo

  2. Love this nail design! The sprinkles are my fav and I will definitely be giving this a go! Another fab blog from Maybe its Megan Leigh xxxxx

  3. Well done Megan! :)
    this is brilliant, I feel like a proud momma haha!

    chanelle jade


  4. Beeeautiful nails makes me want an ice cream!! Great blog xx