02 June 2013

Ring O' Roses

Summer is finally here (although we make no promises for how long it may stay!) and we're getting into the swing of things at The Pretty Junk.
We wanted to create a range that would be perfect for your Summer vacations and festivals so in true TPJ style we've brought the cutest hair accessories and sunglasses we could dream up!
Our Sweetheart Rose Crowns are available in lemon, mint, purple, blue and pink and are a steal at only £20! We also have a quirky range of sunglasses featuring daisies and rainbow gems all handmade by us so you know they'll be no one else rocking up wearing the same (which would be totes awkward).
We're serving up a bundle of colour-poppin' awesomeness for all your Summer dreamers, and the collection will be added to as the season progresses so keep checking www.theprettyjunk.com for new styles.

Lemon Sweetheart Rose Headband - £20

Pink Sweetheart Rose Headband - £20

Lilac Sweetheart Rose Headband - £20

Blue Sweetheart Rose Headband - £20

Mint Sweetheart Rose Headband - £20

Ring O' Roses Sunnies - £23

Daisy Chain Sunnies - £23 (Coming Soon)


  1. Great post and photos! Amazing sunglasses!!!


  2. I absolutely love your blog and store! want to buy everything!!!