21 February 2012

Model Credentials: Hazel Whittle

After being involved in the make-up industry for nearly 10 years, I met a ton of awesome (and not so awesome) people on the way.
Hazel was always my favourite model to see on a shoot when working in make-up. She saved the day on many occasions, as well as her face helping me get to the ELLE UK offices for the Make-up Artist of the Year contest. Not only was she CRAY-ZAY professional, she's also hilarious to be around, reliable and the most authentic rock n' roller I've ever met. There was no question that I wanted her as the face of The Pretty Junk once the idea of opening the boutique had come to life. She knows fashion and how to wear it.
Tyra Banks couldn't deal with how fierce she is.
You can catch Hazel on twitter: @hazel_julie or go ahead and add her on Facebook . Without being bias, I'd say it's a MUST.

David Wade Photography

NAIC Photography
Chantelle Bowker Photography

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