21 February 2012

More than a point and shooter.

We worked on numerous shoots together over the years and now Chantelle Bowker is the in-house photographer at The Pretty Junk, and I bloomin’ love her. Not only is she a super cool girl with her main loves in life being snowboarding, music with MAJOR guitar riffs and ultra hot skater boys, her eye for fashion photography is second to none.
Based in Manchester, UK, she’s movin’ on up the industry ladder with her MAD editing skills, so watch out world… Chantelle Bowker has officially landed.
Get in touch with Chantelle via Tumblr or Facebook for bookings and general pats on the back, 'cos she deserves it.
You can find her fashion photography all over The Pretty Junk website, but here's a look at something different that she dabbles in....

All images are copyright of Chantelle Bowker Photography 2012

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